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We are an official Microsoft Partner. That means we are trained and authorised to empower your business with the entire solution suite from Microsoft. Whether you're considering a Private, Public or Hybrid Cloud, we can help you. Or maybe you want to empower your staff with Office 365, CRM or Project and slash IT costs? We can help there too.

Together let's plan, develop, deploy and support your migraton to the Cloud. We're also experts at providing invaluable FREE Pre-Sales Assessment to ensure that the technical solution perfectly aligns with your Long-Term Business Strategy.


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We have over 60 years combined PM experience. Our qualified Project Teams will ensure that your projects are delivered to the agreed budget, quality and scope. Whether a single project or a portfolio of programs, we have the right Governance Models (to fit with your people and environment), the right Skills and the right Expertise to ensure compliance with your corporate values and culture. Combined with Zinato's Cloud Project Finance, we can expedite your Cloud projects so that your project pays for itself through the savings accrued by moving to the Microsoft Cloud. We can also help you with PMO Design, User Training and Technical Support.



Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Get CRM today and Work Smarter!



Service. Sales. Marketing. Data Analytics. Social 
Great Customer Service is critical to your successful Brand Loyalty. Brand Loyalty leads to more and larger sales. We offer you a cloud or on-premise professional CRM system that integrates your Customer Service, Sales Pipeline, Intelligent Marketing, Data Analytics and Social Media Listening to gain real time understanding of your customers and potential customers. Apart from configuring and implementing the system for you, we can also offer User Training, System Administration, Tech Support and CRM Advisory Services.





We can help you with two types of financing:
1. Cloud Project Finance - the cost of a cloud project can run from tens of thousands to millions of Rands, depending on the size and complexity. To assist your business to Work Smarter, we offer finance to cover the pre-operational costs of the project. All you have to do is pay it back over an agreed number of years or months. Effectively, it's FREE because the savings you make from moving to the Microsoft Cloud, could cover more than the cost of the project over time. (Finance subject to T&Cs)
2. Asset Rental Finance - many business are now choosing a Rent-to-Return or a Rent-to-Own financing model. Zinato's Asset Rental Finance is designed to help with cutting costs related to capital business assets. We offer finance for you to rent the asset, instead of owning it. It's really is that Simple! Ideal for Business Assets like motor vehicles, office furniture and other depreciating assets. You can operate the assets as off-balance sheet Opex services, instead of on-balance sheet Capex assets. (Finance subject to T&Cs)